• Innocent gamer boy man: Wow I can't wait for another day of shoving NES cartridges up my asshole
  • Mean angry sjw feminazi: I  am  femmebot6000. 
  • My  pronouns  are  straw/strawman/
  • strawself.
  • Gaemer guy: Holy fuck
  • SJW: I  am  here  to  delete  all  your 
  • video  games  forever...  Unless 
  • they're  Gone  Home! 
  • Prepare  to  have  fun  eradicated!
  • Gamer: Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
  • *Sjw sends a virus to poor gamer's computer called ANITA_SARSLEEZYAN.exe
  • Gamer tries to open up steam.... but instead there's a popup that says "steam, more like steaming pile of shit!!!!!!"
  • Gamer [crying]: why would youo do this mean thing?
  • SJW [with an illuminati pyramid for a face]: Because  I  am  a 
  • gender  witch  and  I  hate  fun!
  • Mario [turning towards the camera and lowering his hat while a tear rolls down his face]: It's-a game over.





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whenever i listen to a song from earlier than like 1995 on youtube and all of the comments are “im 12 and im listening to this lol fuck todays music(:” 

i just


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